In 2008, I was looking for a version of Snipsnap 1.0b3 on and also its new sourceforge project page and couldn’t find them, so I have hosted it here, see below. 27 May 2008. This product was originally hosted at, and available on its download page. It was distributed and thus remains subject to the GPL. In July 2010, the whole site had disappeared; Frauenhofer had removed the site. It came back about 7 months later but I decided to keep this page up. It also hosts my management scripts. I transferred it when I refreshed the site in 2015.


At Source Forge,


My package copies are hosted here


I decided to upload the current copy of my utilities for managing snipsnap; it should make bringing it online easier

  • snipsnap-scripts-dfl20100822.tar.gz … 8Kb … Download…


This page is now mirrored again, on my snipsnap page on my wiki. and the original comments have been copied there also. 13th April 2015

I brought this forward when implementing spacious. I need to redirect to this page. 4th April 2015

I gave up on snipsnap in Aug 2013. See here & here. Despite the lack of clarity below, I believe these files work. 4th April 2015