June 21, 2018 An Introduction to Privacy Enhancing Technologies
The GDPR and Browser Fingerprinting: How It Changes the Game for the Sneakiest Web Trackers | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Appeal court restores public sector pensions investment guidance
Custom Box Builder | Bespoke Boxes | ASC Direct
June 20, 2018 MPs must pass the ‘meaningful vote’ amendment – THE HONEYBALL BUZZ
June 19, 2018 US quits UN human rights council – 'a cesspool of political bias'
Compliance vs Privacy in 2018
Privacy & compliance, reprised
All the rights EU citizens in the UK are set to lose after Brexit - Business Insider
June 18, 2018 Legendary economist schools the BBC’s Nick Robinson for talking utter nonsense | The Canary
Stop the Tory Brexit
‘Precision’ airstrikes kill civilians. In Raqqa we saw the devastation for ourselves | Donatella Rovera and Benjamin Walsby | Opinion | The Guardian
Pressure mounts on EU-US Privacy Shield after Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal – TechCrunch
Pro-Tory Facebook group filled with Islamophobic abuse | Politics | The Guardian
Police face legal action over use of facial recognition cameras | Technology | The Guardian
Guarding the Guardians, Guimaraes & Sheedy
Theresa May refuses to say which taxes will rise to pay for £20bn NHS boost | The Independent
June 16, 2018 Carbon prices for the next hundred years, Gerlagh & Liski
June 15, 2018 Lewisham East, Labour Hold
The year of Trump has laid bare the US constitution’s serious flaws
June 14, 2018 Labour’s internal elections
Marx in Lee
Cartier International v BT and another: UK Supreme Court rules costs of website-blocking orders do not have to be paid by internet service providers
June 13, 2018 Labour’s rules & PR Lists
Internet luminaries urge EU to kill off automated copyright filter proposal • The Register
June 09, 2018 #DMUlocal – Creating positive change across Leicester
June 08, 2018 New Data Protection Act finalised in the UK
Labour’s manifesto-making process and why it is a source of organisational grief for the party | British Politics and Policy at LSE
Keep the link - why the working class matters to Labour — Labour Briefing
Swedish Copyright Trolls Have Brought Exactly Zero Of Their 'Cases' To Trial, Exposing Their Shitty Business Model | Techdirt
What I Learned After Attending 15 Blockchain Events
Here's what two years of Sadiq Khan's mayorship did for London | Left Foot Forward
Leftwingers launch campaign to shift Labour position on Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
Walter Harrison obituary
Deal or No Deal
On the referendum #25: a letter to Tory MPs & donors on the Brexit shambles
How to win the Brexit Civil War. An open letter to my fellow Remainers
IRAN: Ruling power structure infographic
Richard Corbett: The EEA option is not the answer to Brexit | LabourList
The tech giants’ empire must fall – but they won’t go without a fight | Rafael Behr | Opinion | The Guardian
June 07, 2018 Re-selection goes to Conference
Theresa May’s Brexit chaos gifts Jeremy Corbyn a chance to unite the country
June 05, 2018 Paywall on Medium
Time in the Garden
June 02, 2018 Lewisham Momentum has been split
WordPress 301 Redirects
Gone Away
June 01, 2018 National Policy Forum 2018 | Momentum
Vote for the Left for the National Policy Forum
The UK in nations and regions
The Injunction: ICANN's lame attempt to turn DNS into a Trademark Registry - Internet Governance Project
May 31, 2018 Some new rules for Labour
May 30, 2018 Skyscrapers wreck cities – yet still Britain builds them | Simon Jenkins | Opinion | The Guardian
Did Karl Marx Predict Artificial Intelligence 170 Years Ago?
Marx and the Fragment on Machines
TV Review: The Battle for Britain's Heroes (Channel 4) | The Independent
Facebook didn’t see Cambridge Analytica breach coming because it was focused ‘on the old threat’ – TechCrunch
The Expanse has officially been saved | Ars Technica
May 29, 2018 Labour & WordPress
May 28, 2018 Formal Complaint
May 27, 2018 Fraud Warning
Lewisham Momentum
Book review: Propertizing European Copyright – History, Challenges and Opportunities - The IPKat
May 26, 2018 KFC brings back Colonel Sanders as it returns to ‘full strength’ after chicken shortage | The Independent
May 25, 2018 NAKED KEYNESIANISM: Venezuela is about to explode
Neo-Marxism — Crooked Timber
Man successfully unsubscribes from a decade’s worth of shit emails by doing f*ck all
Facebook and Google targeted as first GDPR complaints filed
Belonging to Momentum
Local council elections 2018 – results in full |
About Membership Software
Brexit and Labour’s 2017 manifesto
Stability & Growth Pact
Rainbird AI
It's not Mars
What's in a name?
Janet Daby for MP in Lewisham East
All That Is Solid ...: Jon Cruddas and 'Blue Marxism'
May 20, 2018 Scripting News: Side-stepping Google
May 19, 2018 Stitched
May 14, 2018 Who now can doubt that Jeremy Corbyn wants a hard Brexit? | Rafael Behr | Opinion | The Guardian
EveryStep Browser Automation: A Free Web Scripting Tool
May 11, 2018 Preparing for the Next European Union Directive: EU NIS - CyberArk
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Guide | Germany Travel | Rough Guides
Abolish Performance Reviews
This is why Adobe killed off the annual performance review
Leave.EU fined £70,000 over breaches of electoral law | Politics | The Guardian
May 10, 2018 dfl1955 created a branch master in dfl1955/hugo-web-site
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Date set for Lewisham East by-election - BBC News
May 09, 2018 HUGO
The Left Slate for Labour’s NEC (2018)
Dear John – Labour Party Shadow NEC