August 14, 2018 In Charlottenberg Park (New Cross)
In Charlottenberg Park (New Cross)
In Charlottenberg Park (New Cross)
In Charlottenberg Park (New Cross)
In Charlottenberg Park (New Cross)
In Charlottenberg Park (New Cross)
In Charlottenberg Park (New Cross)
In Charlottenberg Park (New Cross)
In Charlottenberg Park (New Cross)
In Charlottenberg Park (New Cross)
In Charlottenberg Park (New Cross)
In Charlottenberg Park (New Cross)
August 13, 2018 Johnson has created a moment more divisive than ‘rivers of blood’
August 12, 2018 dfl1955 pushed to master in dfl1955/ubuntu-tools
dfl1955 pushed to master in dfl1955/ubuntu-tools
Dog breeds ranked: Who is the best, smartest doggie?
August 11, 2018 Bulldozing homes and the prospects for peace | Melanie Ward in the Middle East
Why hasn’t Boris Johnson been punished for breaching the ministerial code?
August 10, 2018 Surveillance, ignorance and a chilling effect
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Stumbling and Mumbling: The robot paradox
The innovators dilemma in political parties
Servants, not Masters
Re: YouGov | How did 2015 voters cast their ballot at the 2017 general election?
August 09, 2018 The most left wing person that can win
WordPress in the Cloud
Labour NEC’s antisemitism code is more fit-for-purpose than the IHRA code
London Comedy Course
Making Labour’s Policy 2018
August 06, 2018 DaaS
Thoughts on DaaS
Socialist modernism: remembering the architecture of the eastern bloc
Stop and Scrap
11 Best YouTube Channels About WordPress You Should Watch | Elegant Themes Blog
UK counter-terror bill risks criminalising curiosity – watchdog | Politics | The Guardian
August 05, 2018 A Service that Lets You Use Windows 10 on Any Computer or Phone Is Going Nationwide
Opinion: The Electoral Commission’s DUP decision shows again how the rules that should protect our democracy are failing | openDemocracy
DCMS “Fake News” Report: time for a new approach? – Damian Tambini – Inforrm's Blog
Sci-Hub Proves That Piracy Can be Dangerously Useful - TorrentFreak
August 04, 2018 dfl1955 pushed to master in dfl1955/ubuntu-tools
Digital divide
August 03, 2018 The platform and the message
Prof. Michael Bernstein
August 02, 2018 Most of Labour is pro-Corbyn and anti-Brexit – we must be heard | Alena Ivanova | Opinion | The Guardian
The richest MPs in Britain based on income - Business Insider
Leaving our opt-outs behind
Power in Momentum I
August 01, 2018 Labour’s Democracy Review Backs Online Voting Plan To Give Jeremy Corbyn Supporters New Power Over Policy
When is a conference not a conference?
More on Labour’s e-voting proposals
July 31, 2018 Online Democracy
Mail Forwarding Address from your company address
Your Virtual Office by Capital Office
July 30, 2018 Labour & anti-Semitism II
Pointlessness or catastrophe
Labour & Education
July 29, 2018 The DCMS “fake news” report may finally have an answer to how we regulate social networks
Wifi on my linux laptop
July 27, 2018 Accountability
Publications - Carlota Perez
Perez: cycles, bubbles & golden ages
July 26, 2018 Prescience
Miele S500
July 25, 2018 Vote for the #JC9
July 24, 2018 As Jews, we reject the myth that it's antisemitic to call Israel racist | The Independent
Labour’s NEC adopts new rules on antisemitism
The crisis of democratic socialism in Europe — Labour Briefing
July 23, 2018 Labour & antisemitism
July 22, 2018 Antonio Negri - Wikipedia
All That Is Solid ...: Labour and 21st Century Class Politics
Exclusive: Jeremy Corbyn's party reforms – in full | LabourList
Review: Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations by David Warsh
Quality of Capital
July 21, 2018 FTC fair information practice - Wikipedia
Debate continues over Labour’s code on antisemitism | Letters | News | The Guardian
Stumbling and Mumbling: Capitalism as a fetter
Office space supply restricgions in Britain: the political economy of market revenge
July 20, 2018 This petition could help UK nationals retain EU citizenship after Brexit | Euronews
Facebook, Google and more unite to let you transfer data between apps – TechCrunch
July 19, 2018 Nice class of person
July 18, 2018 Richard Barbrook, the man war-gaming a Corbyn government
July 17, 2018 Who got there first?
July 15, 2018 dfl1955 pushed to master in dfl1955/ubuntu-tools
Eternal vigilance
Stumbling and Mumbling: What Southgate teaches us
Stumbling and Mumbling: Right-libertarians as counter-advocates
July 14, 2018 Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens | WIRED UK
Cryptocurrency’s Criminal Revolution
July 13, 2018 YANF web calendar
Tockify Calendars
July 12, 2018 The EU has just passed a law that could end the problems with free movement which led to Brexit in the first place | The Independent
July 11, 2018 Sarah Palin admits being duped by 'evil' Sacha Baron Cohen for new TV show | The Independent
July 10, 2018 Making artificial intelligence socially just: why the current focus on ethics is not enough | British Politics and Policy at LSE
Ulveas together
MEPs force rethink of controversial copyright reforms
July 09, 2018 Intellectual property as theft | The Enlightened Economist
Free software production as critical social practice by Anne Barron
Privacy by Design The 7 foundational principles